To The Nations Ministries origin dates back to the 1920’s when Ernest Salisbury ran a mission station on the Congo side of Lake Mweru. Continuing until the early 2000’s through generations of the Salisbury family.

Ernest’s son David Salisbury (Impaza) moved to Zambia as a missionary in 1974 – his former life was that of Bible School Principal as well as the Insanga Campaign and children’s television.

Ernest’s grandson, Samuel (Chimpumpa) Salisbury, who is responsible for establishing To The Nations as we know it today, continued on his Grandfather’s vision in 1994 (Africa care, Icnie and Africa for Jesus, TTN)

Today the Salisbury family remain connected to TTN through their role of linking people with “a heart for missions” to the TTN Team in Zambia.

Currently the TTN team are lead by TTN Directors, Chris Shadbolt and his wife Angela.

Chris, a missionary from Australia and Angie from Zambia, worked with and were trained by the Salisbury’s for almost 10 years prior to taking on the Directorship of TTN Ministries.

Our full time evangelists are Jabez, Misheck and Tamara.

The TTN team and their families share the Gospel, make disciples, train leaders and plant churches. The team all carry out The Great Commission which manifests differently in each of their lives according to the way God has gifted and called each of them.

TTN’s success as a ministry has been because of its heart for the Great Commission, leading people to Jesus for more than 70 years because of discipleship.

In 2007, TTN Ministries changed its dynamic and, along with our partners, started importing medical and educational equipment into Zambia, resulting in “open door opportunities” for the gospel to be heard in hospitals, schools and remote communities.