Not everyone can pack up all they own, leave everyone they know and launch into ministry as a career missionary in a foreign country. However, many of us can participate in The Great Commission in another country, on a short term mission trip.

Expand your perspective. Take a step beyond your comfort zone, position yourself and allow God to stretch you. Experience how others worship and honour God, work alongside experienced evangelists and learn more about the love of God from those you are ministering to.

Matthew 28:19 commands us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.”

You are giving the gift of your time, in the service of others, so that God gets the glory. You will experience a different culture and you will be changed by the short term mission experience, however your motivation must not be either of these things.

Encounter God’s heart for the people of all nations.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10).

Go prayerfully. Your spiritual preparation is just as important as your physical preparation. Read more….

Be prepared to listen to and take direction.

TTN works by invitation, in partnership with others. Check your heart, maintain a servant attitude. You may participate in an outreach, which is just the first step towards planting a church in the local area. How you conduct yourself, even how you dress will give an impression of “Christianity” to unreached people. Read more about Zambia….

When you return focus on what you saw God doing, rather than on how you were changed by the experience. Encourage others to partner with people already in the mission field. Read more….

Visit as a short-term hero

Become a long term partner

TTN Ministries is a team of in-the-field missionaries who need ongoing support to continue to spread the gospel before and after your short term mission trip.

We encourage you to make a bigger commitment than your “short-term” time and your willingness to serve others.

Have you ever wanted...

To go on a Short Term Mission?

Before you leave….

What next?

There are some formalities to complete before getting your suitcase out of the cupboard or booking your flight…
  • Talk to those who have experienced a Short Term Mission with TTN Ministries
  • READ our flyer
  • Expression of Interest:
    • Send us the EOI form or email TTN Administration
    • In return we will send you the TTN Ministries Short Term Mission Application Kit
  • Organise your team, nominate a team leader
  • Meet with your Pastor, seek their approval for selection of team leader and all participants
  • Complete all forms within the Short Term Mission Application Kit
    • Sign and Return all forms to TTN Administration 4-6 months prior to your intended trip
  • TTN Ministries Administration will then send you and your team leader an electronic copy of the TTN Ministries Training Manual.
    • If your team require a printed copy please send $10 (for each copy you require) with your completed application kit to cover printing, handling and postage costs.

Have you ever wanted...

To go on a Short Term Mission?

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