TTN Ministries is primarily an evangelistic ministry with a strong focus on evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and church planting. Every member of the TTN team works to fulfil the Great Commission through their ministry.

Together Chris and Angela, are the Directors of To The Nations Ministries Ltd. Together they continue to make a difference AND make history with TTN Ministries – 1000s are saved at outreaches; hospitals are upgraded; clinics are restored and remote villages have access to education, small business loans are funded bringing hope of a better future to families.

Keep Chris and Angela on the mission field, making a difference to the lives of many. Your gift makes it possible for all TTN Team members to remain in the field.

  • $10 a week will support the TTN Team to visit the ‘new’ churches each week
  • $25 a week will provide support to disciple new Christians
  • $200 a month will enable the TTN Team to continue church planting and evangelistic ministry through outreaches
  • $500 a month will ensure TTN Ministries continues making a difference across all church planting and discipleship projects.


TTN Ministries with the help of our partners are making a difference in the lives of many.

Building and renovating clinics and equipping hospitals and rural clinics, resourcing medical outreaches to remote villages and our hospital chaplain provides prayer and comfort during and after hospital admission.

  • Just $1 a day will purchase, pack, ship and transport 1m3 of medical equipment.
  • $10 a week supports the Hospital Chaplain conduct follow up visits after hospital visits.
  • $25 a week supports medical outreach and clinics in remote villages.
  • $200 a month resources chaplaincy for a hospital, helping with the provision of crutches, wheelchairs and reading glasses.
  • $500 a month will ensure TTN Ministries continues to make a difference across all hospital and clinic projects in Zambia and beyond (currently Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria and Swaziland)


School Projects are an area of growth for TTN Ministries.

TTN Ministries recognised the need for children to access education within their own communities. This vision has grown into partnerships with remote communities and is making a difference in these communities through remote village schools.

  • $10 a week funds a school feeding program.
  • $25 a week enables TTN Ministries to support and mentor existing partnership school programs.
  • $200 a month resources school programs, partnering with teachers and resourcing literacy and numeracy resources.
  • $500 a month enriches futures through development of a ‘school’ in remote village areas.


TTN uses its resources to equip people with a sustainable livelihood for poverty stricken families, fund small business loans, mentor entrepreneurial potential and offer enterprise support services.

TTN partners with widows, single parents and families in their local community to equip them with the knowledge and resources for self-sustainable livelihoods. From funding small business loans, to micro-enterprise support services TTN’s heart is to give a hope and a future to those in need.

  • $10 a week enables TTN team to mentor the women’s sewing groups
  • $20 a week enables TTN team to provide ongoing mentoring and guidance
  • $200 a month enables TTN to fund a new small business loan each month
  • $500 a month will ensure TTN Ministries continues to make a difference for families through self-sustaining enterprises

Sponsorship Options

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Every $1 is 1km closer, every $300 is one cubic meter covered.
Every container makes a difference.

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